Marstech Systems Pte Ltd, the most innovative power engineering company, providing the best power back-up products and complete solution with international standard of requirements; these are,

Power sub-station: BATTERY CHARGER with 6 or 12 pulse design, embedded MCU technology and LCD control finishing. UPS is other product provides from mid range to high end models which allow customer with various choices base on needs and wants.
Life Power Back-up System: FUEL CELL; World 1st green energy with self-replenishing system, using electrolyser producing Hydrogen in a compact robust format.

UPS and ARD for both lift’s primary and secondary safety system; complying standard IEC 62040-1 for our gracious living.

Mass Rapid Train: Lining up with Emergency Inverter and APF; have proven track records of high efficiency and reliability in the event of power failure under the urban transportation system.

Accessory: Transformer, high quality products with CE standard of compliance

Battery, a very essential product in power engineering is also available as one of our core business which includes Spiral cell battery, Super capacitor, sealed lead acid maintenance free, Nickel cadmium and lithium iron battery.