Marstech Systems Pte Ltd, the most innovative company. Leveraging on our commitment to innovation ensures an extensive suite of power back-up products to meet the comprehensive and diverse international standard of requirements.

Power Substation;
Marstech Battery Charger comes with a 6 or 12 pulse design, embedded with MCU technology and LCD control finishing. Complete range from single to 3 phase with various capacity loads.

Lift Power Back-up System;
Marstech Fuel Cell; World’s 1st green energy with self-replenishing system, using electrolyser to produce Hydrogen in a compact robust format.

UPS and ARD;
For both lift’s primary and secondary safety system, complying standard IEC 62040-1 for our gracious living.

Mass Rapid Train:
Marstech Emergency Inverter and Marstech APF with Voltage range from 380V-690Vac, current: from 50-600Amp.

Marstech Battery;
Marstech has a most complete battery range for various applications as well as the solution providers.
As a key pillar in power engineering, we specialize in a full range of high performance battery typies;
Namely Valve Sealed Lead Acid Maintenance Free, Spiral Cell, Lead Carbon, Lithium-Iron, Nickel Cadmium Battery..etc
These products are uniquely designed with super quality to meet the increasing need for energy-efficient technology, and adhere to international safety conditions.